This yr’s grid will function 15 automobiles within the prime GT500 class, whereas the GT300 class will likely be made up of 29 automobiles, a discount of 1 in comparison with final yr.

The make-up of the GT500 grid for the 2021 marketing campaign was already recognized, with producers Toyota, Honda and Nissan having all introduced their plans final month.

Toyota is as soon as once more fielding six GR Supras, making it one of the best represented marque within the senior class, whereas Honda enters 5 NSX-GTs and Nissan sticks to working 4 GT-Rs.

Bridgestone provides tyres for almost all of the category – 9 automobiles – versus a pair of entries every for rivals Michelin, Yokohama and Dunlop.

The Mugen Honda doesn’t have a tyre maker named on the entry listing, however ran with Dunlop rubber at a personal check at Okayama in the beginning of this month.

GT500 class entry listing:













Italy Ronnie Quintarelli

Japan Tsugio Matsuda

Kondo Racing



Japan Mitsunori Takaboshi

Japan Daiki Sasaki

Workforce Impul



Japan Nobuharu Matsushita

Japan Kazuki Hiramine

NDDP/B-Max Racing



Japan Kohei Hirate

Japan Katsumasa Chiyo


(GR Supra)












Japan Yuhi Sekiguchi

Japan Sho Tsuboi


Japan Ryo Hirakawa

France Sacha Fenestraz

Racing Mission Bandoh



Japan Yuji Kunimoto

Japan Ritomo Miyata




Finland Heikki Kovalainen

Japan Yuichi Nakayama




Japan Hiroaki Ishiura

Japan Yuji Tachikawa

Rookie Racing



Japan Kazuya Oshima

Japan Kenta Yamashita







Workforce Kunimitsu



Japan Naoki Yamamoto

Japan Tadasuke Makino




Japan Tomoki Nojiri

Japan Nirei Fukuzumi

Workforce Mugen



Japan Toshiki Oyu

Japan Ukyo Sasahara

Nakajima Racing



Japan Takuya Izawa

Japan Hiroki Otsu

Actual Racing



Japan Koudai Tsukakoshi

Belgium Bertrand Baguette

Extra groups confirmed in GT300

Within the GT300 ranks, a couple of further entries have been confirmed by the publication of the entry listing on prime of those who had already been introduced.

Amongst these, Workforce Mach (Toyota 86 MC), Workforce Studie (BMW M6 GT3), Workforce Hitotsuyama (Audi R8 LMS), R’Qs Motor Sports activities (Mercedes-AMG GT3) and the two-car JLOC Lamborghini Huracan squad will all be current on the grid this yr.

GT300 Start Action

GT300 Begin Motion

Photograph by: Masahide Kamio

Subaru can also be listed with its nonetheless yet-to-be formally unveiled 2021-spec BRZ, with Takuto Iguchi and Hideki Yamauchi each returning as drivers.

Ex-System 2 racer Giuliano Alesi is notably lacking from the entry listing, however is predicted to have not less than some involvement within the Workforce Thailand Lexus programme.

Michelin drops out of GT300

The entry listing seems to substantiate that Michelin won’t be concerned within the GT300 class this yr, with Bridgestone, Yokohama and Dunlop set for a three-way tyre battle. Yokohama will provide the majority of the category with 19 automobiles, versus 5 apiece for Bridgestone and Dunlop.

Michelin equipped two automobiles in GT300 final yr, the LM Corsa Lexus RC F GT3 and the D’station Racing Aston Martin Vantage GT3.

LM Corsa has switched to Dunlop for 2021 because it trades its Lexus for a Toyota GR Supra GT300, whereas D’station shouldn’t be returning to SUPER GT following the dissolution of its partnership with Pacific Racing, which earlier on Thursday confirmed its 2021 plans.

In addition to D’station, the Hong Kong-based X Works Audi group can also be absent from the 2021 entry listing, of final yr’s GT300 groups.

Workforce Mach and JLOC are the one groups nonetheless to announce their drivers for the season.

The entry listing additionally confirms that simply two of the so-called ‘Mom chassis’ automobiles, that are primarily based round an ordinary Dome chassis, are current: the Workforce Mach Toyota and the previously-confirmed Lotus Evora run collectively by Inging Motorsport and Vehicles Tokai Dream28.

Nonetheless, the variety of JAF GT300 automobiles has elevated to 6, with the rest of the sector (21 automobiles) being made up by FIA GT3 equipment.

A complete of 12 manufacturers will likely be represented in GT300 this yr: Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Subaru, Lotus, Lexus, Ferrari and Lamborghini. 

GT300 class entry listing:

No. Workforce Automotive Tyre Drivers
2 Inging & Vehicles Tokai Dream28 Lotus Evora MC Bridgestone

Japan Hiroki Katoh

Japan Ryohei Sakaguchi

4 Goodsmile Racing with Workforce Ukyo Mercedes-AMG GT3 Yokohama

Japan Nobuteru Taniguchi

Japan Tatsuya Kataoka

5 Workforce Mach Toyota 86 MC Yokohama


6 Workforce LeMans with Motoyama Racing Audi R8 LMS Yokohama

Japan Satoshi Motoyama

Japan Yoshiaki Katayama

7 Workforce Studie BMW M6 GT3 Yokohama

Japan Seiji Ara

Japan Tomohide Yamaguchi

9 Pacific CarGuy Racing Ferrari 488 GT3 Yokohama

Japan Takeshi Kimura

Japan Kei Cozzolino

10 Gainer Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 Dunlop

Japan Kazuki Hoshino

Japan Keishi Ishikawa

11 Gainer Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 Dunlop

Japan Katsuyuki Hiranaka

Japan Hironobu Yasuda

18 Workforce UpGarage Honda NSX GT3 Yokohama

Japan Teppei Natori

Japan Takashi Kobayashi

21 Workforce Hitotsuyama Audi R8 LMS Yokohama

Japan Shintaro Kawabata

Japan Takuro Shinahara

22 R’Qs Motor Sports activities Mercedes-AMG GT3 Yokohama

Japan Hisashi Wada

Japan Masaki Jyonai

25 Workforce Tsuchiya Porsche 911 GT3 R Yokohama

Japan Takamitsu Matsui

Japan Kimiya Sato

30 apr Toyota Prius GHV GR Sport Yokohama

Japan Hiroaki Nagai

Japan Manabu Orido

31 apr Toyota Prius GHV GR Sport Bridgestone

Japan Yuhki Nakayama

Japan Koki Saga

34 Drago Corse Honda NSX GT3 Yokohama

Japan Ryo Michigami

Japan Shogo Mitsuyama

35 Workforce Thailand Lexus RC F GT3 Yokohama

United Kingdom Sean Walkinshaw

Thailand N. Hortongkum

48 NILZZ Racing Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 Yokohama

Japan Taiyou Iida

Japan Yuki Tanaka

50 Arnage Racing Mercedes-AMG GT3 Yokohama

Japan Masaki Kano

Japan Masataka Yanagida

52 Saitama Toyopet Inexperienced Courageous Toyota GR Supra GT300 Bridgestone

Japan Hiroki Yoshida

Japan Kohta Kawaai

55 ARTA Honda NSX GT3 Bridgestone

Japan Shinichi Takagi

Japan Ren Sato

56 Kondo Racing Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 Yokohama

Japan Kiyoto Fujinami

Brazil Joao Paulo de Oliveira

60 LM Corsa Toyota GR Supra GT300 Dunlop

Japan Hiroki Yoshimoto

Japan Shunsuke Kohno

61 R&D Sport Subaru BRZ (2021) Dunlop

Japan Takuto Iguchi

Japan Hideki Yamauchi

65 LEON Racing Mercedes-AMG GT3 Bridgestone

Japan Naoya Gamou

Japan Togo Suganami

87 JLOC Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Yokohama


88 JLOC Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Yokohama


96 Ok-Tunes Racing (LM Corsa) Lexus RC F GT3 Dunlop

Japan Morio Nitta

Japan Sena Sakaguchi

244 Max Racing  Toyota GR Supra GT300 Yokohama

Japan Yuui Tsutsumi

Japan Atsushi Miyake

360 RUNUP (Tomei Sports activities) Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 Yokohama

Japan Takayuki Aoki

Japan Atsushi Tanaka